Changes to parking at Nepean Hospital

September 2023

Nepean Hospital’s fleet cars are moving to the P2 upper car park near the Building C entry in the coming weeks. 

The current fleet parking area near the P5 multi-story car park needs to be cleared to make way for construction of the new Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service Unit. 

While the total number of accessible parking spots in P2 will be retained, the fleet car relocation will reduce the number of public spaces on campus in the short term.

Construction is underway to convert the P1 rooftop helipad into more than 100 additional car spaces. These spaces are set to open later this year. 

In the meantime, the public are encouraged to park in the P1 and P5 multi-storey car parks. Parking in the P2 upper car park should only be encouraged for less mobile patients who are accessing services in Building C. 

Thanks for your patience and support as we progress these important upgrades at Nepean Hospital. 

During this busy construction period at Nepean Hospital, please allow extra travel time on your next visit to the hospital and pay close attention to traffic and pedestrian signage. 

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