About this program

Diz Footprints was launched in February 2019 by CPB in partnership with Nepean Redevelopment. It is a trainee and mentorship program for local Year 10 Aboriginal high school students who are interested in gaining skills and experience in the construction industry.

The program was established in collaboration with the NSW Department of Education, NSW Department of Industry, the local NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group and the Nepean Aboriginal Health Service, and forms part of CPB Contractors’ Reconciliation Action Plan commitment to boost Indigenous training and employment. 

Five students were selected to undertake the program, which offers a 2-year Certificate II in Construction Pathways qualification as part of their Higher School Certificate. Since starting the program, the students have learnt about multiple trades including landscaping, painting, cleaning and general labouring. In their second year, the students will be working with experienced tradespeople in formwork, concreting and carpentry.

The students spend one day a week on site at the Nepean Redevelopment and one day with a TAFE college while completing their High School Certificate (HSC) course. The qualification provides a pathway to the primary trades in the construction industry, (with the exception of plumbing).  

All five students are still engaged in the program (one student moved away and was replaced) and are expected to gain their Certificate II in construction at the end of 2020.

Round 2

In 2020, five new Aboriginal high school students joined the Nepean Redevelopment Stage 1 construction team as part of the Diz Footprints program. 

The second round of students follows a successful year for the first round of Year 10 students in 2019, who are continuing their journey and undertaking a second year onsite alongside the new recruits. 

The five students were selected from St Clair High School, Cambridge Park High School, Glenmore Park High School and Kingswood High School to be part of round two of the Diz Footprints program. The students are receiving hands on experience across a range of trades including being mentored by experienced professionals onsite.

The second round of students have the added benefit of learning from their Year 11 counterparts as well as the expert tradesmen and women.
Thank you to the Diz Footprints team, construction contractors, CPB, and the students for their enthusastic participation.

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